Sunday, April 17, 2005

Procrastination... The Web Let Me Down

Too much time spent online today. I just can't believe there are not more practical resources online to help me explain the project to parents, gain parent permission, and get students off to a good start.

One reason for the lack of resources online may be that the majority of educational blogging assignments seems to be in high school or higher ed. I suspect they just use their AUP and don't need to specifically inform families.

Another reason is probably that few (if any) schools have blogging established at a district level, and it is districts, not individual teachers who usually put resources online. Usually when I am searching for resources online, such as a UbD template or a rubric, it has been posted by a professional development person working at the district level. And to be fair, the large number of materials my colleagues and I develop are not available online; they are only on our school server.

And so, I've spent a precious Sunday not finding what I need and not creating what I need. Now I'm really feeling a time crunch. I'll see what I can create tonight before sleep overtakes me.