Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Getting Started

I've spent the day learning to use Diaryland, and now I'm going to give Blogger a try. I like how kid-friendly Diaryland is, but I can see them chaffing a bit at its limitations. Let's see how Blogger compairs.

Right off, I like that it is in weblog format, meaning multiple entries per page. In Diaryland I'd have to so some html coding to make that happen. Also like the Blogger option for others to add comments. If we want students to have an audience, it is more powerful if that audience is able to respond to them. Of course, that opens up the possiblity of people outside the group responding to them. I think I read there was a way to make blogs private, only available to those invited to see them. I'll check on that. Also need to figure out how to add photos.