Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Koi Pond Blogging Dilemma

Big plans for my prep time today. I wanted to finish the blogging rubric, set up newsreader on Tammy's computer, and do a bunch of work for the rest of my job (--What? This blogging project isn't my entire job?)

However, water is pushing up between the tiles of the bathroom floor here in my apartment. The pools will soon be deep enough for me to add a few koi which would certainly keep the cats entertained -- or frustrated since they themselves wouldn't want to go into the water to get them.

And so, I am home rearranging before the plumbers start hacking out the walls and floor to locate the leak. Maybe I'll get a bunch sorted and packed by the end of the day in preparation for my move back to the USA this summer. Anything sealed up in a box should be safe from the layers of plaster dust that will soon coat everything in sight. Hmmm... getting started on packing would be a huge step forward. Back to it!