Thursday, April 21, 2005

More Audiences. More Suport

Good News! Ann at Shanghi International School has offered to let her grade 5 students visit our blogs. Now I have two student groups and a number of teachers all willing to read and respond to the blogs. That should be enough.

Jabiz took a look at the student blog template and is willing to help me make a few changes to each students' so that we have a sidebar of links to the blogs of each student in the class. That should make it easy for them and for our visitors to easily navigate to each blog. I may also create a page in my .Mac account or on a Schoolnotes page that lists all the blogs.

Wondering how to make it easy for Tammy, Jabiz and I to stay on tops of the posts. I may set up an RSS reader for Tammy. I think there is a Firefox extension that acts as an RSS reader. I'll check into that. I'd rather not add the student blogs to my regular RSS reader.

I'm also wondering the best tools for tracking this project. If it were just me doing it, I'd set up a database on my PDA to track posts, responses and comments. That has worked well for courses I've taught in the past that had an online component. However, Tammy is the one who will be giving the grades so we need to develop a system that works for her. I wish I had a forum of teachers to discuss this with who incorporate blogs into their classes. I'm certain they have figured out good management strategies.