Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Good News Abounds!

At long last, I have plenty of good news...
  • My missing savings from Malaysia is safely transferred to my US bank account.
  • I have a home (and only about 20 more boxes to unpack).
  • My new job is going well. I can tell this group of students will be intrigued and hopefully empowered by blogging.
  • I now have a year's worth of web space waiting for me to find the time to install Moodle on it. (A big thanks to Bud Hunt for his inspiring blog and podcasts, his patience with my barrage of questions, and his encouragement.)
  • My new laptop arrived today. I feel like I have wings.
Just about everything is new in this job. I'm amazed at the changes in public education and in my district over the four years I was overseas. New national tests, new state tests, new curriculum in almost every subject area. I'm still sorting through it all, so I can't dive into my online projects yet. However, just knowing that they are out there. I hope to have more to report soon.