Thursday, December 14, 2006

Virtual Blogging

Aiyoh! (as we say in Singapore) How can a month have passed since I last blogged? Does blogging in my mind count? If so, here's what I blogged about since November 18...
  • how my students coding web pages project has gone, including what they've learned , what I learned, and how I plan to work with it next school year
  • budgets, budgeting, and the gleeful feeling that arises when the budgets are done
  • server quotas, server quota software, and what happens when automatic warnings regarding people's accounts being too full are blocked by the malware catchers
  • the next twist in our interactive whiteboard pilot
  • Questions about structuring effective professional development for the big things and the small things
I'd really blog about those things now, but tomorrow is our last day of school before the winter holiday. Sunday at 6:00 am I climb on a plane to head to Minnesota. Life just keeps moving!