Sunday, June 29, 2008

Web 2.0 Smackdown!

Sitting here at the NECC 2008 Edubloggercon. This post is just notes I'm taking for myself.
  • allows participants to text in multiple choice answers to a poll.
  • Animoto - free teacher accounts allow us to download 1 minute videos free.
  • allows you to take a set of photos or videos and create a photowall that lets you scroll around. Need a really good internet connection to make it work well. Looks like that thing from the TED talks.
  • Free Mosquito Ring adults can't hear it so kids use it as a ring tone to receive calls in class unnoticed.
  • CoverItLive allows live blogging as part of a conference.
  • used to only be available for Nokia phones but now also works with some Windows Mobile devices. Allows you to create live streams. (Thanks Steve Dembo)
  • allows you to create kid's chore lists or other criteria and share it with teachers, grandparents, etc. Can be a nice conversation piece. (Thanks Lucy Gray)
  • Diigo is a blogger's friend. The education group in Diigo is growing quickly. They have a set of common tags.
  • Peggy's new island... Peggy Shehe (sp?) has 3 islands in the teen grid of Second Life, a multimedia island, a language island, and a ~.
  • Webcast Academy a place to learn to create your own webcasts.
  • Make Beliefs Comics is a simple cartooning site. No ads. Limited feature set prevents kids from getting lost in the details.
  • Ajaxim allows you to create a free, IM network. Teach basic IM etiquette to kids in a safe environment.
  • Doodle quickly poll a group to schedule a meeting. No sign in required. You can send them the link or a discrete URL.
  • TimeBridge also allows you to schedule meetings and it talks to Google Calendar and Outlook.
  • TagGalaxy mines flicker tags
  • Webkinz can be used by a class to help kids learn about digital citizenship.
  • exolead
  • Plurk is a twitter-like social networking app. It has a timeline. You can have real conversations.
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