Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anyone for a Little NECCing?

This is my big year; I'm attending NECC for the first time. I think I'm more excited about meeting people face to face than I am about the sessions, workshops, vendors, etc. There are many bloggers I am eager to meet. Others I know from Twitter. Of course, given the thousands of people that attend, I wonder how many people I'll actually run into.

I do have some other goals related to NECC...
  • Look for professional development models that are working.
  • Look for tech integration models that are working, exploring both the process and the hardware requirements.
  • Look for ways to help my staff find powerful uses for their IWBs.
  • Visit Second Life. (Anyone want to bring me in and show me around?)
Are you going to NECC? Have you joined the NECC Ning? What are your goals and expectations for NECC 2008?