Thursday, May 05, 2005

Next on the List

Despite our progress on this blogging project, our to-do list is still growing...

  • Ensemble is being quirky. It opens and starts its downloads, and then crashes. I'll try dumping the preferences and repairing permissions on this computer AGAIN.
  • Jabiz still needs to insert the sidebar of blog addresses into each blog's template. This will make it easy for our bloggers and our visitors to navigate between the blogs.
  • I need to invite our student and teacher guests to start visiting our blogs.
  • I want to research Trackback. I'm not certain how it works and if it would be of value in this exercise.
  • We need to give the students time and guidelines for comment on each other's blogs. We also need to share that information with our student guests.
We'll get there. I just hope we arrive before the end of the year.