Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Challenge of Parent Comments

Tammy sent home a note telling families how to access the blogs. Now a few of the moms have visited and left comments for their children. Some comments are supportive. Some are less so.

I have worried that our children might receive inappropriate comments from a child in the class writing anonymously, or from someone outside of our community. Anne dealt with this issue elegantly in March. Her discussion with her bloggers puts action to Will's convictions about the need to teach our students how to use these technologies appropriately rather than just blocking their access to technologies that they are already using. .

Now I'm realizing that either of those culprits would be easier to deal with than inappropriate comments from a parent or sibling. We didn't give our families any comment guidelines; we need a letter that shows families constructive ways to respond to their child's blog. It's difficult for parents to act as partners when we don't bring them along with us.

I don't think we should send out a letter now with so little time left in the year. Hopefully we get through this blog project without problem, and we can create the letter for next year.