Monday, July 09, 2007

In Which We Begin Posting Lots of Half-Baked Ideas and Things I Want to Keep to Chew on Later

Nope. I'm not dead. Just doing my best imitation of a hamster on a wheel as this amazingly short summer slips by.

It's been a mixed summer...
  • Good times with family and friends, but too little time to spend with each person. I think everyone feels I've neglected them.
  • Up too late most nights spending time with family, and then up too early due to loud birds, house noises, and the need to workout before it's too warm.
  • In fabulously better shape than when summer started, but thanks to not sleeping, and not being patient, I keep pushing the workouts too hard, not listening to my body (or my heart monitor) which leaves me too tired.
  • Almost no napping! That's bad. I really need to return to work rested. I'm not there yet.
  • Just starting my professional reading and work now. Reading about combining UbD with Differentiation, Jamie McKenzie's ideas on tech, questioning, and other pertinent topics, catching up on my backlog of ISTE journals, and finally dipping back into my RSS feeds after being away from my own computer. It's all energizing, but I head back to Singapore in less than a week, will be traveling for a week with friends, and then work starts again on July 30. No time left to digest, to ponder, to reflect. Auuugggghhh!!!!
And so, for the next week, I'll be dumping lots of half-baked thoughts here to clear out my head, keep the ideas for future reflection, etc. May make for uninspiring reading; you've been warned...