Monday, July 09, 2007

9 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Positive Growth

One problem I've been having is that my my RSS feeds are just too good. I just read the past 36 posts that Doug Johnson made to his Blue Skunk Blog and as usual, I find myself tagging half of them in He's just so good at clearly identifying problems and then providing wise solutions.

One of his posts was a recap of a number of items posted on Abram Stephen's Lighthouse blog. It was a look at Henrik Edberg's discussion of 9 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Personal Growth on the Positivity Blog:

9 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Personal Growth
  1. Thinking you already know everything
  2. Being confused by the marketing hype
  3. Not taking action
  4. Giving up
  5. Worrying about/listening to what others think
  6. Dabbling with it
  7. Having unreasonable expectations
  8. Failing to/not wanting to (at least start to) understand yourself
  9. Not taking responsibility for yourself
I want to really look at these, but not at this moment. I hope you find them useful without my chewing on them publicly.