Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movtivators and Demotivators

From the title, you might think this was going to be a post of some substance. WRONG! Instead, I want to quickly highlight a fun web tool you could use with students.

The website is Motivator from Big Huge Labs. It allows you to use a photo from your computer, Flickr, Photobucket or a URL, and turn it into a motivational poster.

I can see using FlickrCC images to allow you to create posters of character traits, themes, decision-making, vocabulary. The list goes on and on. You do need to register to upload images or link to a Flickr account. I think you can enter a photo's URL without registering.

Registration is free but requires an email address. I did not test out linked Gmail addresses to see if they worked.

If you aren't very fond of this type of motivational poster, check out the demotivational posters at If you've ever been part of ISO 2000 or a school accreditation review, you may especially appreciate this poster.