Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Do You Drupal?

Our school is very close to making the plunge and moving to Sharepoint. We need it to provide off site access to files, both individual and shared. We will most likely also use it for some of our web page needs for groups and departments.

Before we make the plunge, I'd like to hear more from people who are using Drupal for file storage. Is it working well? Have the roles and permissions available out of the box been enough for you? Or have you had to code your own changes? Does the search feature meet your needs? Any modules you'd strongly recommend or strongly NOT recommend?

One of our engineers has installed a demo version of Drupal and we hope to play with it this week, but as I've done my research, Drupal seems to be more of a toolbox than a product. It looks like you'd need lots of time on the forums to find the best modules for your needs. Is this indeed the case?

Thank you for any light you can shed.
(I have been reading forums, EdTech listserv, etc. I'm hoping that I can gather other information via this blog post.)