Friday, March 02, 2007

Zoho Wiki

I've mentioned Zoho before. It keeps rolling out wonderful web apps. The latest that I've noticed is it now has a wiki. I gave it a try over the weekend. I'm pleased to announce that like PB Wiki, it has a table feature that actually works. I like it much better than the PB Wiki one which looks fine when you save a page but is not correctly assembled as you work with it.

I made a wiki to keep track of all the handy info posted in our Want Ads mailing list at work. The list doesn't have an archive and so people are constantly asking questions that were asked before such as, "Anyone know a good electrician in Woodlands?" Now I have a handy place to put all the info from there that I want to save. I can access it from home and school.

Actually, I should qualify that last statement. I haven't used any Zoho products in a while and I am finding that at work the wiki pages are incredibly slow to load, and I don't have anything in the wiki besides text. No photos. No files. No sounds. Just text. Pages can take minutes to load. They are quicker to open when I click the edit button. I thought this was another proxy problem at work, but I'm finding it slow from home as well. Maybe Zoho is having technical difficulties. If it doesn't speed up, I'll transfer it the wiki to another platform. This wiki doesn't need tables so no need to suffer through slow pages. Anyone else having this slow Zoho experience?

[UPDATE: ZohoWiki was down for upgrading over the weekend. This week my pages are loading much faster.]