Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Moodle Evangelizing

I was writing a letter to a dear friend and former colleague. I was blathering on about...
  • what I've been doing with the Moodle
  • how it is helping me get a handle on my overwhelming paperwork
  • how the children are appreciating the immediate feedback on quizzes
  • how my students who hate to read and write don't seem to realize they are doing both when they take part in the chats and the forums
  • how kids are logging in from home to journal with me
  • how the journals are helping me forge connections with children who now seem to see me as an ally instead of just another person getting in their way
  • how the ability for me to leave comments on their assignments is leading many children to improve their writing through revision
  • how I look forward to logging into the Moodle-- a feeling I don't get when staring at a pile of worksheets
After I sent the letter, I had second thoughts. I thought, "Oh no. Too much Moodle in that letter."

Imagine my delight when she wrote back very excited about Moodle and appreciative that I'd gone into so much detail because now she is getting ideas on how to implement it at her school -- I feel like a grandparent who just discovered someone who actually enjoys looking at pictures of my grandchildren.