Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mucking Around with Moodle Settings

Instead of being a dutiful teacher and getting caught up in my correcting last night. I added the rest of our students to the Moodle. I had some trouble getting the csv file to upload, but it worked eventually.

Next I spent time playing around with the themes. My thought was to see which themes made it easiest for the students to locate information on the page. Some were definitely more legible than others. I finally settled on a different theme for each course so that the students and I could more easily keep track of them. And then I clicked something that reset all of them to the same theme. Such is life.

Finally, I experimented further with the quiz module. I found I could export a quiz that I made into a text format. Then I could easily make changes to it and upload it again as a new quiz. Much less tedious than entering them each question individually.

We'll try out the new quizzes tomorrow when we take our weekly spelling tests. I truly hate spelling tests; even using the developmental programs, I don't feel that we get enough out of them to warrant the time they take. If Moodle can shorten the time we spend administering and scoring the tests, then it will be yet another Good Thing.